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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I don't need to explain who am I.

Funny about these poser issues, they blame me for uploading lots of my pictures around the world wide web. They thought that this is just my hidden agenda to caught an attention and "pooof" became an instant celebrity. Get a life hoes! I don't need to explain myself to all of you. I am just me. I am also tired of reclaiming my identity, its all for you to know who's the real me and who's not. I hate it when someone thought of me as poser, my heart really breaks.

So for those who thought that I have a hidden agenda, get a life!


Anonymous said...

Laverne Ambata castro? dba IKAW SI ASHLEY CARANSEJA??

tska IKAW dn LHAT ng ns ibang ACOUNT

kc u crave for Attention!


pinapasikat mo sarili mo?

snsbi mo p n my mga POSER k e IKAW dn nmn un...


KUNA SAN SAN PNG home town nlalagay mo..

e tga SUNNYVILLE k lng nmn s FAIRVIEW

and also, ur a NURSING STUDENT @ FEU

not in mirriam


Anonymous said...








fatima said...

grabe pati b naman sa blog mo ms lav.... inaaway ka pa...????

dont worry im here naman for you...
im your friend naman eh...
just stay happy and pretty...

i miss your angelic voice ms. lav..

Anonymous said...

life is beautiful and so laverne

Sarah said...

hehe..nursing student @ FEU?
d nia nqqta ung pics mo sa merriam ate lav.. dat anonymous is sooo lame ^^

ate ur so prettyyyy!!!!! <3

Dave Josef said...

wow!!! i feel melting just now X( you look gorgeous

Playgroup Singapore

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